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Guidelines for scholastic award consideration along with past Champions.


*2019-20 State Solo & Ensemble Contest cancelled due to COVID-19
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  1. Musical Instruments or Noisemakers at Athletic Events - Noisemakers are prohibited and will be collected by the management at the gate. Band instruments are to be used for playing music under the direction of the conductor and not as noisemakers. Bands will be allowed to use amplifiers, but must notify the management before the event. Managers are authorized to control the volumes of the amplifiers.
  2. Participating team bands have preference for performing during half time of the team's game.
  3. The WIAA Board agrees with WMEA that the objective of Pep Bands is to be supportive of their team, not detract from opponents’ efforts.
  4. All uniformed band members and the band director will be admitted upon identification of the band director through the Pass Gate for their respective sessions only. Note: Bus drivers will not be admitted free of charge. Drill team members in uniform will be admitted with the band if they are performing.
  5. The "Home Team" band should be prepared to play the National Anthem for the first game of each session in a tournament or your school may choose to use a vocalist.
  6. Band must remain seated during the time the ball is in play and must remain at least 12 feet away from the edge of the playing area.
  7. Both bands should not play at the same times. It is the responsibility of the directors to mutually agree on a fair system of alternating. At the end of the game, the band from the winning team shall have the option to play first.
  8. All half-time entertainment must be cleared through the Tournament Manager by Monday of the Tournament week.
  9. There must be an adult staff member in charge of the band and present, although a student may conduct if desired.
  10. If a band is performing during a time out or quarter break and the play resumes, every reasonable effort should be made to cease playing as soon as possible.
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